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Don't Stink Like A Barbarian...

While all of our soaps are 100% unisex and can be used by both men and women, some of our soaps have some qualities that make them well suited to our gladiators, who (and this is putting it nicely) have a tendency to evoke stronger smells than our ladies.

This bundle consists of:

Nemus is our premier men's soap that provides a highly distinctive yet mild woodsy fragrance. An excellent body soap, Nemus contains cedar and sage to provide that extra level of clean.

What it smells like: Cedar and Sage, spicy, fresh and clean.

Hortus is our number one deodorizing body soap. This soap will make you smell fresh and clean and it's packed with clove essential oil which is the most powerful anti-fungal we make!

What it smells like: Strong yet not overpowering smell of spice and freshness.

Anisum is our workhorse deep cleaning soap that is made from Anise, where we get black licorice from. Anise has powerful antioxidants which keep pores clean, and since anise contains phenol, it also helps protect your skin!

What it smells like: Strong yet not overpowering scent of black licorice.



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
C Farrow
Roman? Soap

When did Romans start using soap? They used fragrant oils and a scraper (stigil). I'm not saying that this fragrant soap is bad, but I just don't understand the labeling. Also they use Palm Oil in this which contributes to the loss of natural habitat for orangutan and other endangered species.
The soap is fragrant. It doesn't lather up. It isn't "Roman". I will probably buy it again.

Joe Fabry
3 washing

Great cleaning & smelling soap . Satisfied with the product and use .

Charles Brown
Very impressive

The best soap I have ever used. Very impressed.

James Cooper
Great quality,

The gladiator bundle prepares me to do battle at the office every day!

Gretchen Gallup
Almost Perfect

Recently received my gladiator bundle and let me tell you, did this kit ever clean up this here gladiator. My only complaint was that I would've liked two bars of each soap, so instead I had to purchase a second bundle. Dear store owner, please add an option to change the number of bars in the bundle!